LiveCardMedia Metrics


When signing up with Live Card Media your dashboard will be the space where interaction with the operator happens. You will see active work, maps, spud and stop dates for accurate billing. You will be able to mine your data and slice it and dice it in a variety of ways. It is very simple to understand and use.

Create your Full Profile

Its as simple as filling in the blanks. This is where you get to share what your business does, what equipment you carry, who you currently work with, team contact information and what makes you stand out. Upload documents, images, web links to your website and company logo. The more information you provide for your business the better your profile will look. Remember your profile will be viewable to all operators using the Live Card Media platform.

Help & Support

If you are having trouble we are only a phone call, or e-mail away. Live Card Media is happy to answer questions and help you resolve issues quickly!! Please go to the contact section of our website and feel free to reach out!